Return to The Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrios






I have already written enough about the Ex-hacienda Jaral de Berrios here, so I won’t bore you with the details.  These are some of the new images I finally got around to editing.  I am trying some new techniques, using textures over the images to give them a little extra sum thin’ sum thin’.  The textures are taken from Brooke Shaden’s texture collection.   I like the effect and I am looking forward to creating a texture collection of my own. Thanks Brooke!  #shadentextures



  1. Wow Janelle, those are beautiful images… some of the nicest I’ve seen from you in my opinion…. I love them!

  2. ”Felicidades” as mexicans say ! . . . especially for the ‘Hacienda Jaral De Berrio’ série . Very nice sélection, those 4 above. I am myself a hacienda-fan. Always on hunt for new forgotten places like the one of Jaral. The day you are ready for another one (closer to San Luis Potosi), let me know ! In the meanwhile, . . . happy shooting !

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